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Interactive Treat Ball Toy for Dog Cat Pet


  • Dog Treat Ball Material: Made of high quality ABS and PC, durable, non-toxic and safe food container
  • This interactive toy can help pets increases IQ, increase mental stimulation, and reduce destructive behavior as a result. 
  • Easy to clean: Use soft foamy water to wash every part of the interactive food dispensing ball
  • Tumbler design of the Food Dispensing Dog Toy:Allows pets to move and play freely, no matter how pets roll it, it still stand up
  • Slow Feed: the internal maze-type damper device, put food into the container, let pets enjoy interactive eating and slow feed, ideal pet food container for dog, cat, ferret, etc. 
  • By interacting with food balls increases IQ and mental stimulation pets treat dispensing Ball reduces destructive behavior. Healthy play and exercise can improve the dog's vigilance, as to fulfill their hunting instincts.It's been proven that dogs who are kept busy and have a better tenement. Helps foster a strong relationship between the pet and its owner.


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

I bought a dog a toy, she likes and played and ate))


The goods did not come, but the seller quickly returned the money


The toy is happy and I and dogs :) The quality is good. Does not have an unpleasant smell. Only unfortunately could not reveal it, you will need to try a little later.


I ordered it the 6/1 has arrived 23/1 at gran canaria super well, good material, my dog loves it and the hole is pretty big, it has a porthole that you can close or open depending on the size you want


A wonderful toy for a dog! Quality, interesting, safe for a dog (requires the supervision of the owner). My corgi couldn't deal with this toy at once, so I had to show her how to play. After she was happy to push the toy herself and collected food (in the hole for feeding treats get quite large pieces of food for adult dogs of medium breeds) after my dog ate all the delicious, she was happy to play with this egg, almost like a ball. All in ecstasy) although the parcel was more than 65 days, the seller recommend, as the seller reported on the difficulties encountered during transportation and delivered the parcel intact

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